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Everyone makes the mistake of breaking a traffic ordinance from time to time. While it is best to always follow the “rules of the road” to the strictest degree, if you are pulled over, it is important to follow these important tips. In addition, it is important to immediately contact an Atlanta Criminal Attorney once you are pulled over.

1. Pull your car over as soon as possible once you see the police turn his lights on. If possible, try to pull over and park in a well lit area. If you are on an expressway, interstate or intrastate highway, turn you blinker on and move over to the right lane to ensure the safety of yourself and the officer pulling you over.

2. Once you have come to complete stop, keep both hands on the wheel in plain sight.

3. DO NOT fumble around in the car as this may raise suspicion from the officer pulling you over.

4. DO NOT reach around for your license and registration until asked by the officer.

5. Roll down your window and wait for the officer that has pulled you over to come to your vehicle.

6. If you have passengers in your vehicle, ask them to remain silent and polite when the presents himself to your vehicle.

7. Be nice, polite, courteous and calm. The officer pulling you over will not take kindly to you being smug, rude, impolite or short with the officer.

8. NEVER admit guilt or wrong doing in any way, no matter the circumstance. There may be video cameras and/or audio recorders in play during a stop which will record your every word and every move. What you say, if recorded, can be used in court against you. An Atlanta Criminal Attorney will be able to evaluate anything that has been said or seen in the video and whether or not it can be used against. However, the best bet is to NOT admit guilt or wrong doing AT ALL.

9. Try to keep track of the time, date, place, weather, traffic conditions, officer’s name and badge number and anything that is inconsistent said or done by the officer which contradicts WHY he initially pulled you over.

10. Take into consideration that signing the ticket presented by the officer is NOT an admission of guilt, but refusal to sign may be grounds for the officer to arrest you. So govern yourself accordingly.

In the event you are pulled over and issued a traffic citation, you should immediately contact an Atlanta Criminal Attorney, who will be able to assess the situation accordingly. Again, while it is important to always abide by the traffic ordinances and laws governing your area, if you are pulled over, remember to contact an Atlanta Criminal Attorney so that your rights are adequately protected.

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