The formation of the Geerdes and Associates atlanta law firm was driven by the founder’s desire to provide individuals and businesses a high level of quality and zealous representation in all areas of law that is more often limited to big law firms. We provide the same level of attention and expertise, but rather than tailoring to corporate giants, we cater to local businesses and individuals at a rate that meets their needs. As our firm strives to provide excellent, cost-effective representation for our clients, our lawyers are also required to always keep in mind on our client’s particular personal and professional needs.

Geerdes and Associates is a full service atlanta law firm with multiple offices in metro the Atlanta, Georgia area. All attorneys at Geerdes and Associates are required to partake in continued education in order to keep us on the cutting edge of law practice and new developments in the law. Our lawyers combined have over 50 years experience in litigating and appealing most areas of law. In addition, our attorneys are prominent in the legal field, having served on various boards and committees for the State Bar, as well as having published various articles and law reviews, and speaking at numerous continuing legal education seminars for attorneys and judges.

Just some of the accomplishments of our attorneys and our Atlanta law firm include:

  • Numerous Georgia’s “Case of the Year” Awards
  • Georgia’s “Outstanding Young Lawyer”
  • Top 14 Attorney in Georgia Under 40
  • SuperLawyer Rising Star
  • Adjunct Law Professor
  • Successful multimillion dollar settlements for commercial real estate litigation, business contract suits, and construction disputes
  • Specialized knowledge and experience in federal and state securities law
  • Victories in political asylum, and immigration detention cases
  • Numerous articles, publications, seminars and training conferences for businesses, attorneys and judges

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