Atlanta DUI Attorney handling driving under the influence cases. The term DUI does not just apply to alcohol but also to any other controlled substance. You can be charged with a DUI if you are under the influence of both illegal and legal substances. They carry the same weight in the eyes of the law, except it adds on the illegal drug charge.

In Georgia, there are two forms of DUI, the traditional DUI and alcohol level over legal limit. In a traditional DUI case, the prosecution must prove that the driver was less safe under the influence of alcohol. In these cases, they do not have to have concrete proof they were intoxicated. In cases dealing with alcohol levels over the legal limit, an individual must undergo a blood, urine, or breath test to determine their alcohol level. The prosecution does not need to prove they were less safe, only that their alcohol level was over the legal limit of .02 for people under 21 years old or .08 for people over 21 years old. Contact your Atlanta DUI Attorney to learn the facts about your case.

The punishment for a DUI is immediate confiscation of your license and the possibility of losing your driving privileges for 4 or more months. The punishment does not end here; you could face jail time, huge fines, mandatory alcohol awareness classes, and/or points on your driving record. Some far reaching consequences exist where auto insurance and even your job are concerned. Some auto insurance providers will either increase your rate or drop you as a client after receiving a DUI. Your employer could even fire you for receiving a DUI, especially if you do some form of driving for a living.

Without an Atlanta DUI Attorney, you could face serious jail time and outrageous fees. The Law Offices of Geerdes and Associates, LLC, can help you avoid severe sentences. Call us now for a free consultation.

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