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Geerdes & Associates, LLC is a full-service Atlanta law firm committed to fighting and winning the legal battles of all of our clients, as well as negotiating business deals and settlements to a case’s maximum potential for our clients. This is why almost all of the Atlanta law firm’s current clients come from referrals by our satisfied clients and local Atlanta attorneys who have either worked with us or know us by reputation. Again and again, our Atlanta law firm is complimented for the intense attention we pay to each detail of a client’s case, and our willingness to explore every legal angle in order to come up with the best possible outcome for our clients.

The rigor and quality of our legal work does not compromise our ability to stay in tune with the unique needs of each client, and the community within which we work. Whether you are a business or a would-be investor looking for quality and honest service, a person or company facing a possibly devastating lawsuit, or an individual that needs an Atlanta attorney and loyal reprsentative to fight for them in the criminal or immigration system, we are your Atlanta Law Firm.

In your search for an Atlanta Attorney make sure that the Atlanta Law Firm that you choose is committed to your case. Whether your looking for an Atlanta Dui Attorney, Atlanta Divorce Attorney or whatever your needs are we will handle your case with care.